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Vim Grep then Substitute

Ed/Ex is text editor, old text editor on that day didn’t have WYSIWYG text editor, You need to use ed syntax to edit your text file. If you know sed, It is stream ed.

Vim is based on ed, Example substitue synax :s/old/new is come form ed syntax. You should learn ed to empower your vim skill.

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Code Review

Ask a programmer to review 10 lines of code, he’ll find 10 issues. Ask him to do 500 lines and he’ll say it looks good. - @girayozil

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Babel is a JavaScript compiler. Use next generation JavaScript, today. That make you can use ES6, even ES7 with ES5 javascript engine.

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Async Await

Async/Await is the part of ES7 that currently draft version new standard of javascript. It is pattern for solving Callback Hell problem that nowaday is solve by ES6 Promises. Async/Await is wrapper of Promises pattern that make you can program in synchronous style without blocking the thread. To use ES7 for your project today, you need to use Babel to compile your ES7 to ES5 that can run in client side with browser and server side with nodeJS

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