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Varany vs. Docker

Vagrant is a tool for managing virtual machines.
Docker is a tool for building and deploying applications by packaging them into lightweight containers.

Nginx ByPass Confixguration


server {
    listen 80;

    location / {
# debian
$ sudo apt-get install nginx
$ sudo vim /etc/nginx/sites-available/<your>.conf
$ sudo rm /etc/ngin/sites-enabled/default.conf
$ suo ln -f /etc/nginx/sites-available/<your>.conf /etc/sites-enabled/
$ sudo services nginx reload

Nginx Allow File browser list

# debain
$ cd /usr/share/nginx/html
$ ln -s <path> <link_name>

edit your nginx.conf

    location /<url> {
      alias /usr/share/nginx/html/<link_name>
      autoindex on;
      autoindex_exact_size off;
      autoindex_localtime on;
      auth_basic "Restricted";                #For Basic Auth
      auth_basic_user_file <your .htpasswd>;  #For Basic Auth

Useful command


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