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Drone - Continuous Integration platform built on Docker, written in Go - better than based on Drone - Simple CI Server

Private Configuration:

Can run shell command

  1. upload your configuration into gist with secret
  2. get url of your raw configuration
  3. add your configuration url in “Environment Variable”

    # Example
  4. in “Commands” download your configurations via wget without display result

    wget $CONFIG_URL -O <config_name> &> /dev/null

Keep Variables in Environment

# Example
export CLIENT_ID=<your id>
export TAGS=<your tags>
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
client_id = os.environ.get('CLIENT_ID',<default value>)
tags = os.environ.get('TAGS',<default value>)

Dynamic Solution

#!/usr/bin/env python
import os

# Configuration from Environment Variables if can't load config.ini
# you can make you own configuration from config.ini.sample

if os.path.isfile("config.ini"):
    import configparser
    config = configparser.ConfigParser()'config.ini')
    client_id = config.get('DEFAULT', 'client_id')
    client_id = os.environ.get('CLIENT_ID', <default value>)


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