botbotbot 's blog

How to set up this blog

This blog created by Jekyll that is ruby scripts to transforms plain text into static html website and blogs and hosted on Github Page that free hosting support Jekyll.This blog use Lanyon theme that based on Poole a minimal style of Jekyll.

Set up github page:

  1. Follow setup guilde of Github page for more information about jekyll on github look at
```   2. Clone project from [Lanyon](  

  git clone
  1. Configs jekyll in _config.yml
  title:            botbotbot  
  tagline:          "'s blog"  
  description:      "botbotbot's blog"  
  paginate:         5  
  1. Make in root directory copy code from
  1. Let blog it.

Add Feed in Jekyll

  1. Jekyll Feed plugin - Recommend
  2. Atom Feed in Jekyll
  3. RSS Feed in Jekyll
  4. RSS for Jekyll blogs


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