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Read more feature on jekyll

Github Pages Tips:
Github Pages always complie jekyll with --safe option that will
disable plugins but some plugin can work with Github Pages.
List of Jekyll Plguins that working on Github > Pages

Easy ways: using excerpt option of > jekyll
Customized excerpt separator in > Jekyll

Just using truncate they not checking html tag that make your site look terrible and Github Pages not support custom ruby script that place in _plugins. The better way is using split with custom tags.

Replace `` in index.html in jekyll directory with

    {% if post.content contains "<!-- more -->" %}
      {{ post.content | split:"<!-- more -->" | first % }}
      <div style="text-align:right;">
        <a href="{{ post.url }}" style="color:#000;"> Read More </a>
    {% else %}
      {{ post.content }}
    {% endif %}

In your contents add <!-- more -->

layout: post
title: Read more feature on jekyll
tags: [jekyll]
Hello, world

<!-- more -->

You can't see this message via index.html


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