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Vim Command


[range] Description
0 above first line
1 first line
. mean to current line
% all lines
$ last line
{start},{end} from start to end line
<,> start selection to end selection


Command Description
:[range]print , :p print line
:[range]copy{target} , :t copy line & paste
:[range]normal {vimkey} action vim key via command
  ex. :%normal A; - put ‘;’ in end line for each line
:!<shell command> run shell command in vim % mean to current file
:r<file> ,:r !<shell cmd> retrieving file after current cursor


Command Description
:e<file> edit/new file
:new<file> new file
:vnew<file> new file in vertical
:w !sudo tee % write file with sudo premission


Command Description
:set relativenumber enable relative number
:set norelativenumber disable relative number

Key Mapping

Command Description
:map, :map! show mapping key
:verbose map <key> show mapping key and where it mapping


Command Description
:[range]move{target} , :m move line
:nohlsearch , :nohls mute highlight search
:<stg>C-d<\tab> command line completion
:redraw redraw screen (Ctrl + L)
:messages show history of messages


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