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Vim Plugins

Plug-in - More:

  1. Vim Plug - A minimalist Vim plugin manager.
  2. surround
  3. Easymotion - EasyMotion Doc
  4. ctags
  5. GoldenView.Vim
  6. Ag.vim
  7. sneak.vim - Doc


# update vim version to support all plugin in janus
$ brew install vim
Keys Description
<leader>hs toggle highlight search
<leader>n toggle NERDTree
<leader>ci , <leader>/ toogle comment # NERDCommenter
<leader><leader>w easy motion w # EasyMotion
v{motion}S{tag} Visual Select then surround it with tag #surround
cs{old}{new} change old surround to new surround #surround
ds{tag} delete tag surround #surround

NERDTree - Ref

r in NERDTree - update tree m->a in NERDTree - create file/folder


F5 in ctrlp - update ctrlp


$ brew install ctags
$ ctags -R # generate tags
Keys Description
<C-]> jump to tag
<C-t> back to original



VimDeck - Presentation in Vim

# osx not support ascii-art
$ brew install imagemagick
$ sudo gem install rmagick
# gem install vimdeck
$ sudo gem install vimdeck-without-ascii-art


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