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$ vimtutor

Enter to Vim

  vim . # open with file browse
  vim -c "h quickref | only"
  vim -O < file1 > < file2 > ... # open in verticle
  vim -o < file1 > < file2 > ... # open in honzital

Normal Mode

Save, Exit

Keys Description
ZZ save and quit
ZQ save without quit


Keys Description
w[ord] {letters, numbers, underscore}
W[ORD] {non-blank characters}
g{motion} work with display line ex. gj down one line, g$ go to end of display line
f{char} move to next char
t{char} move to before next char
; repeat last search
, repeat last search backward


Keys Description
% jump between open/close parentheses
<C-o>, <C-i> toggle jump position
{num}|(pipe) Go to Column
<number>G go to line number


Keys Description
v{motion} visual mode select in line
V{motion} visual mode select line
<C-v>{motion}{cIA} change/insert/append in multiple lines
<C-v>{motion}: command with multiple lines


Keys Description
== Auto Indent
= Auto Indent in selected on visual mode
J join the current line and next line together


Keys Description
cw change word
gu{motion}, gU{motion} lower/upper letter


Keys Description
daw delete a word
das delete a sentence
dap delete a paragraph
dW delete until space
dG delete until end of file
d$ delete until last of line
dbw , <C-w> in insert mode delete back one word
d^ , <C-u> in insert mode delete back to start of line


Keys Description
u redo
<C-r> Redo
Keys Description
\<word>\c search word with ignore case


Keys Description
. repeat last action (not include any move action)


Keys Description
* highlight word
<C-a>,<C-x> addition and subtraction on numbers that also find next number automatically if current cursor not a number
<C-I> Tab
<C-[> Esc
<C-M> Enter
<C-H> Backspace

In Insert Mode

Keys Description
<C-r>=55*10<Cr> in insert mode calculate can print it

Windows Managements

Windows Split

Keys Description
<C-ws> Split windows
<C-wv> Split windows vertically
<C-wq> Quit windows
<C-ww> switch between windows

You split navigations with

nnoremap <C-J> <C-W><C-J>
nnoremap <C-K> <C-W><C-K>
nnoremap <C-L> <C-W><C-L>
nnoremap <C-H> <C-W><C-H>


Command Description
:tabe[dit] {filename} open file in new tab use gt, gT to move to next, previous tab
:tabc[lose] close all tabs
:tabo[nly] keep current tab and closing all others

Vim spell

Command Description
:set spell enable spell checker
[s, ]s jump to miss spelling work
z= fix miss spelling word
zg add current word into spell dictionary
zw remove current word from spell dictionary

Repositioning the screen

Command Description
zt Move current line to top screen
zz Move current line to mid screen
zb Move current line to bottom screen

Scroll Screen

Keys Description
<C-f> scroll down one screen
<C-b> scroll up one screen
<C-d> scroll down half screen
<C-u> scroll up half screen

Text object <need to combine with cmd>

Keys Description
iw/aw inside/around word
is/as inside/around sentences
ip/ap inside/around paragraph
it/at inside/around tag ex. html tag
i” inside double quote
i) inside parents


# update vim version
$ brew install vim
$ brew install reattach-to-user-namespace
Command Description
:reg[ister] check buffer register
”<register>p paste buffer
”<register>yy yank to buffer
”*yy yank to system clipboard

Vim Command

Vim Plugins

Vim Script

  1. autocmd group

Vim Performances

Open vim without plugin no settings from your .vimrc

$ vim -u NONE -N

Open vim without plugin

$ vim --noplugin


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